Peace be unto you and welcome to Waheed Jensen’s Corner, a blog dedicated to discussing the strange elephant in the room – the struggles of Muslims living with same-sex attractions (SSA), trying to find their place in today’s world while staying true to God and His Word.

A good place to start would be the About page where I tell you a bit about myself and how this journey started.

In the section Navigating SSA, I try to shed light on many of the relevant topics related to SSA and Islam, such as the gay identity, how to reconcile between faith and sexuality, as well as many misconceptions around these topics. I also shed light on pertinent matters for Muslims with SSA who are struggling within their Muslim communities, for Muslims at large to read and reflect.

In the section Trauma and Healing, I address many of the relevant psychological, emotional and familial themes that many people with SSA have experienced, hoping to shed light on overcoming traumas and focusing on the healing power of pure and unconditional love.

In the section Narratives, I share some personal writings, fictional and non-fictional, touching on various themes such as love, pain, heartbreak and finding peace.

You can also find list of all blog posts here arranged in chronological order.

Whether you are struggling with your sexuality, feeling lost, in pain or confused, trying to find the common territory between your religion and your sexuality, finally at peace with what you feel and where you’re heading, or simply coming here out of curiosity, I pray you find something here that is helpful to you. This is your safe space as well. Feel free to share, comment or contact me anytime, and I hope to be of service, inshaAllah (God willing).

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